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Been awhile...

it's been awhile since I've posted anything of substance here. lots of changes.

I'm living on my own in a little apartment that I mostly love. I say mostly only because I don't like the landlady much but that's par for the course. I've been there for a year now. I managed to collect two cats in the process of living there.

Cat1 = Owl, a kitten (just now a year old). She developed some kind of neurological problem where her hind legs don't work properly (the muscles are tense much of the time). She's not in pain but her mobility is an issue. Still, she's a beautiful kitty and she's my girl so I put up with her quirks.

Cat2 = Big Fat Orange Kitty (aka BFOK). He was a case where a friend of a friend had nowhere else to take their cat when they moved and weren't able to take him with. He's a 20+ monster of an orange tabby and a complete love bug. He and Owl are best buddies (sometimes I think there's a little more going on there but I leave that to them).

I spent most of the last year going to school, singing in a really great choir, studying, and regrouping.

I learn and grow every day. I spent a year+ training with the Amazon Priestess Tribe and was ordained in March. I do a lot of work for the community with this organization and I love it even when I hate it :) The work that i've done though, in the last year, has been wonderful for me though in that I really do feel like I've become much more grounded and centered and a better person overall.

Despite public rumors, the organization that I'm a part of is a really awesome group overall. Like all groups, they have their quirks, their stresses and troubles, things they do well and don't. Unlike many organizations they retain their ability to learn and grow and change in ways that are positive. I am grateful that the opportunity to work with them came when it did and i've been blessed by it in ways that i see everyday and in ways that are yet to be seen.

I've started a new job - contract to hire - with a pretty awesome company that is a well-known name. It's been pretty interesting to work for a company other than the one I worked for previously for eight years. It's shown me that life at work isn't always awful and stressful if you're in the right place, with the right company. I love it so far (after only a week). The benefits (even for a contractor) are pretty good, the commute rocks (a 20 minute bus ride), the people there are pretty great, and i LIKE what i do.

I've met a wonderful man. Really wonderful. It started out as a fun thing of just getting together and having phenomenal sex but it's turned into something more. He's older than I am (51 to my 33) but most of the time, I don't notice it because of his energy and how he just works and plays like a younger man. He spoils me like mad and the most recent was his 4th of July surprise -

I had mentioned to him that I (we) were invited to a bbq and fireworks party in Berkeley. He doesn't really do crowds though so it was kind of a no-go on that. But on Sunday he calls me and says he's got a surprise for me and just tells me what things to get ready. His surprise? A night at the Doubletree next to the Berkeley Marina with a balcony view to watch both Berkeley and SF's fireworks. A day spent in total luxury was his idea of compromise. I can handle that.

He's very unlike anyone I've ever dated/been in a relationship with. We haven't officially called it a relationship like it's a relationship but there are little things here and there that say it is a relationship. We talk on the phone at least once a day, lots of texts back and forth through the day, and then there are the moments... those moments when we're together where he kisses the top of my head when we're cuddled up together... yeah, i haven't said it yet to him but i've got pretty strong feelings for the man (though I suspect he knows). The fact that i've committed to this being a monogamous relationship says a lot.

I know that there are those here who came to my LJ through various channels and one of those being about the way that I've blogged about my sexual exploits and adventures. I've been keeping a pretty low profile in that regard for awhile. But i have to say that my sex life is pretty gosh darned satisfying right now. Sure - it's not all whips and chains, sex clubs and orgies, or 'ho-ing it up on the streets as I've been known to do. I can't say that my tastes have changed much (some things are just ingrained in me like the need to breathe) but the man I'm seeing has such a good chemistry with me that I don't miss many of those things. I've learned that there are some things that I can do that I thought were only things you'd see in porn :)

My life has taken quite a few interesting turns, some good and some really-not-so-good but I take it all with no regrets and keep moving forward.

Anyhow, I thought that an update here was long overdue and as I'm doing a bit of caretaking for an Amazon Sister right now, I had a few minutes to write this. I hope this doesn't sound like it's some kind of "final entry" - it isn't. I find that I have a very full life and it takes me away from some things that I "used to do" but still "want to do" (such as writing in my LJ). I've had a few entries percolating in my head that I'll eventually get to sharing here :)
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