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A Request For Help (x-posted)

So. Here i am, hat in hand, posting a request for help.

I had promised deedeebythebay that i would take care of certain expenses around a certain upcomming conference (that she and i must both attend and would LIKE to take the younger two girls to as well) AND that i would help with expenses for the reception that she MUST have at CSUEB after her Sr. Recital.

Well, I've screwed up a few things (major) in the finance department and suffice to say that it is making life truly difficult to cover the basics (like rent and food). *hanging head*

As many of you on my own Flist know, D's gramsy passed this last week and D's birthday is coming up next weekend and her senior recital (last major hoop towards her degree) is THIS coming Sunday.

I'd like to ask the community for help in this area in the means of a $ gift/donation, if you can at all spare it, to help with these expenses - our own heads are bobbling under the water as far as finances go.

So...if you've access to PayPal, here's D's donation button:

If you want to earmark your gift/donation $ for one of the following (ignore that it says "wine and song" in the comments for this paypal button):
- Conference Attendance
- Senior Recital Reception
- Birthday Gift for deedeebythebay
- Memorial Service expenses (mostly related around travel to/from and other misc expenses that keep coming up around this)

please note it in the comments here, and we'll set it aside for this.

Additionally, if you are attending the same conference as D and I in February and are interested in a roomshare, please contact me so we can work out the details. We have a room in the conference hotel and would be interested in sharing costs of the room with folks if they need a place to stay.

Thank you all so much for your continued generosity and support of all of us.
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