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Think good thoughts for an acquaintence please

There's a separation going on between a friend of ours and their partner. There is a child involved and there is a 3rd party in the community who is directly involved. While this third party claims that they are only trying to help their own friend, they have taken actions that have had severe consequences against our friend. What the 3rd party doesn't realize is that they're getting involved in an area where they have NO RIGHTS, no basis in truth, and while they are generally a good set of people... well, they're about to destroy the life of a child.

Please... send good thoughts towards this person so that they may find some peace and stop meddling in affairs they only know one side of the story of. help them see the light so that they may walk out of a place of darkness that they are about to slip into as their (hopefully non-intentional) hurtful actions tear at the life of a child. Additionally, please send good thoughts towards the safety of their own child as this family harbors a potentially ill and dangerous person in their midst.

I hold only thoughts of light and healing for all of those involved, directly or indirectly. May they all find solace somewhere and may they reap what they sow.
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