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i NEVER want to move *EVER* again.

i'm tired, sore, and cranky. i've been eating either pizza or some other kind of take out pretty much since last Friday night. It will be good, this week, to get our kitchen back into a semblance of working order such that *real* food can be cooked.

a super huge thank you to all of our friends who came and helped out. There were so many of you who came last weekend and helped us through the big crunch and those who continued to help throughout the week and this weekend. My deepest, heartfelt thanks to all of you who worked so hard to get The Choirloft moved and settled in. Thank you, so very much, to you all.

Today we spent the day cleaning up the last bits of what was left in the house. tomorrow, coyote3502 and deedeebythebay will have the walkthrough with the landlady. What remains to be done there is a small bit of spot cleaning before the walkthrough and then we will need to clear the backyard and the garage. OH....and we'll need to go through the garden as well.

SPeaking of which... the deer that live around the former incarnation of thechoirloft have figured out that there are no people at home right now. They went through and decimated the strawberry and wax bean patch. Those strawberries have been being worked on for nearly the whole 5 years of our existence there and it was only this summer that the patch was really going like gangbusters and putting out a lot of fruit. Sadly, the deer made short work of it, the potato patch, the herb patch, and a good bit of the beans and even some of the tomatoes. *sigh* i will say that i stood in stunned, slack-jawed silence in front of the strawberry patch (deedeebythebay cried and coyote3502 clucked his tongue in sadness) for quite a bit of time - it was shocking what they did to the patch. OH... and they even went in and gnoshed on the geraniums (pelargoniums, actually.... but most people can figure out geranium easier LOL)

anyhow... this week will be a lot of unpacking and putting away of things. hopefully, my room will become usable sometime soon - i'm going a bit crazy at the lack of a bedroom right now (my room got flooded not with sewage but from the overflow that comes out of the tub upstairs. someone forgot to put a gasket into it and it was overflowing into the walls.... which explains why my electrical outlets kept popping the GFI that they're installed on...) This week we'll also be getting a furniture delivery for a new set of living room items and a big plushy recliner for me. this will be an added expense to the monthly budget BUT... most of these items were sorely needed.

still anyways... i'm looking forward to W&S here this friday. the new house is pretty spiffy (sitting down on the basement deck in the darkness of night makes me feel as if this place were a cabin in the woods...) and with that, i shall enjoy sleeping in it's spiffiness. :)
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