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Due to unforseen circumstances...

well, ok... maybe they weren't TOTALLY unforseen (ok ok, it was an inevitability)...

anyhoo, due to certain circumstances, my journal is going to have to go friends only for now.

if you're interested in reading (about sex, smut, every day life, living a poly relationship, gardening, pagan stuff, musings on everything, etc etc) then g'head and comment here to be added.

thanks, all! :)
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Been awhile...

it's been awhile since I've posted anything of substance here. lots of changes.

I'm living on my own in a little apartment that I mostly love. I say mostly only because I don't like the landlady much but that's par for the course. I've been there for a year now. I managed to collect two cats in the process of living there.

Cat1 = Owl, a kitten (just now a year old). She developed some kind of neurological problem where her hind legs don't work properly (the muscles are tense much of the time). She's not in pain but her mobility is an issue. Still, she's a beautiful kitty and she's my girl so I put up with her quirks.

Cat2 = Big Fat Orange Kitty (aka BFOK). He was a case where a friend of a friend had nowhere else to take their cat when they moved and weren't able to take him with. He's a 20+ monster of an orange tabby and a complete love bug. He and Owl are best buddies (sometimes I think there's a little more going on there but I leave that to them).

I spent most of the last year going to school, singing in a really great choir, studying, and regrouping.

I learn and grow every day. I spent a year+ training with the Amazon Priestess Tribe and was ordained in March. I do a lot of work for the community with this organization and I love it even when I hate it :) The work that i've done though, in the last year, has been wonderful for me though in that I really do feel like I've become much more grounded and centered and a better person overall.

Despite public rumors, the organization that I'm a part of is a really awesome group overall. Like all groups, they have their quirks, their stresses and troubles, things they do well and don't. Unlike many organizations they retain their ability to learn and grow and change in ways that are positive. I am grateful that the opportunity to work with them came when it did and i've been blessed by it in ways that i see everyday and in ways that are yet to be seen.

I've started a new job - contract to hire - with a pretty awesome company that is a well-known name. It's been pretty interesting to work for a company other than the one I worked for previously for eight years. It's shown me that life at work isn't always awful and stressful if you're in the right place, with the right company. I love it so far (after only a week). The benefits (even for a contractor) are pretty good, the commute rocks (a 20 minute bus ride), the people there are pretty great, and i LIKE what i do.

I've met a wonderful man. Really wonderful. It started out as a fun thing of just getting together and having phenomenal sex but it's turned into something more. He's older than I am (51 to my 33) but most of the time, I don't notice it because of his energy and how he just works and plays like a younger man. He spoils me like mad and the most recent was his 4th of July surprise -

I had mentioned to him that I (we) were invited to a bbq and fireworks party in Berkeley. He doesn't really do crowds though so it was kind of a no-go on that. But on Sunday he calls me and says he's got a surprise for me and just tells me what things to get ready. His surprise? A night at the Doubletree next to the Berkeley Marina with a balcony view to watch both Berkeley and SF's fireworks. A day spent in total luxury was his idea of compromise. I can handle that.

He's very unlike anyone I've ever dated/been in a relationship with. We haven't officially called it a relationship like it's a relationship but there are little things here and there that say it is a relationship. We talk on the phone at least once a day, lots of texts back and forth through the day, and then there are the moments... those moments when we're together where he kisses the top of my head when we're cuddled up together... yeah, i haven't said it yet to him but i've got pretty strong feelings for the man (though I suspect he knows). The fact that i've committed to this being a monogamous relationship says a lot.

I know that there are those here who came to my LJ through various channels and one of those being about the way that I've blogged about my sexual exploits and adventures. I've been keeping a pretty low profile in that regard for awhile. But i have to say that my sex life is pretty gosh darned satisfying right now. Sure - it's not all whips and chains, sex clubs and orgies, or 'ho-ing it up on the streets as I've been known to do. I can't say that my tastes have changed much (some things are just ingrained in me like the need to breathe) but the man I'm seeing has such a good chemistry with me that I don't miss many of those things. I've learned that there are some things that I can do that I thought were only things you'd see in porn :)

My life has taken quite a few interesting turns, some good and some really-not-so-good but I take it all with no regrets and keep moving forward.

Anyhow, I thought that an update here was long overdue and as I'm doing a bit of caretaking for an Amazon Sister right now, I had a few minutes to write this. I hope this doesn't sound like it's some kind of "final entry" - it isn't. I find that I have a very full life and it takes me away from some things that I "used to do" but still "want to do" (such as writing in my LJ). I've had a few entries percolating in my head that I'll eventually get to sharing here :)
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Concert Tomorrow Night In Hayward!! Come, my friends, come!!!

I am currently singing with the East Bay Singers and the Oratorio Society at Cal State East Bay in Hayward. We'll be performing tomorrow night, at All-Saints Catholic church in Hayward (on 2nd and D street). Tickets are $7, $5 for seniors, or FREE with ANY student id (from any school like middle schools, high schools, JC's, other Uni's, etc).

I am singing a solo (in Mozart's Regina Coeli) and am also singing in a quartet with Oratorio later in the program. I am singing with East Bay Singers (and man oh man are they GOOD!) in the earlier part of the program.

Show starts at 7:30. There is ample parking and it's also accessible by transit (bart to hayward station, take the 60 bus to Cal State East Bay and get off at the 2nd and D street stop (i.e. ring the bell as soon as you turn onto 2nd street). You cannot miss the big ol' church on the left.

It would mean the WORLD to me to see many of my bay area friends in attendance at this concert. Not just for me but in support of arts in schools (especially in colleges right now that are still facing budget cuts - CSUEB's music department barely escaped intact after this year's budget cuts).

It's going to be good. Songs in 8 different languages (Catalan, French, German, Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and English), and in many styles from classical, to spiritual, to world, to the beauty of Lauridsen, to African Noel songs. Really great stuff.

here's a link to the current program for the concert:

I hope to see you there enjoying a great concert! :)
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A Request For Help (x-posted)

So. Here i am, hat in hand, posting a request for help.

I had promised deedeebythebay that i would take care of certain expenses around a certain upcomming conference (that she and i must both attend and would LIKE to take the younger two girls to as well) AND that i would help with expenses for the reception that she MUST have at CSUEB after her Sr. Recital.

Well, I've screwed up a few things (major) in the finance department and suffice to say that it is making life truly difficult to cover the basics (like rent and food). *hanging head*

As many of you on my own Flist know, D's gramsy passed this last week and D's birthday is coming up next weekend and her senior recital (last major hoop towards her degree) is THIS coming Sunday.

I'd like to ask the community for help in this area in the means of a $ gift/donation, if you can at all spare it, to help with these expenses - our own heads are bobbling under the water as far as finances go.

So...if you've access to PayPal, here's D's donation button:

If you want to earmark your gift/donation $ for one of the following (ignore that it says "wine and song" in the comments for this paypal button):
- Conference Attendance
- Senior Recital Reception
- Birthday Gift for deedeebythebay
- Memorial Service expenses (mostly related around travel to/from and other misc expenses that keep coming up around this)

please note it in the comments here, and we'll set it aside for this.

Additionally, if you are attending the same conference as D and I in February and are interested in a roomshare, please contact me so we can work out the details. We have a room in the conference hotel and would be interested in sharing costs of the room with folks if they need a place to stay.

Thank you all so much for your continued generosity and support of all of us.

honored and excited

I have been invited to consider studying with CAYA's Amazon Priestesses. I am so honored and excited about this. I have some initial work to complete and they will have made their official decision in January as to whether this is a good fit for everyone and the training begins in February.

As many of you know, CAYA is the group that deedeebythebay and i have both been attending rituals with since the last Pantheacon and whom we are taking the next year "off" with ("off" in terms of not hosting rituals here at thechoirloft and attending ritual with CAYA instead).

I am very much looking forward to this challenge.

Think good thoughts for an acquaintence please

There's a separation going on between a friend of ours and their partner. There is a child involved and there is a 3rd party in the community who is directly involved. While this third party claims that they are only trying to help their own friend, they have taken actions that have had severe consequences against our friend. What the 3rd party doesn't realize is that they're getting involved in an area where they have NO RIGHTS, no basis in truth, and while they are generally a good set of people... well, they're about to destroy the life of a child.

Please... send good thoughts towards this person so that they may find some peace and stop meddling in affairs they only know one side of the story of. help them see the light so that they may walk out of a place of darkness that they are about to slip into as their (hopefully non-intentional) hurtful actions tear at the life of a child. Additionally, please send good thoughts towards the safety of their own child as this family harbors a potentially ill and dangerous person in their midst.

I hold only thoughts of light and healing for all of those involved, directly or indirectly. May they all find solace somewhere and may they reap what they sow.

Fight the Right

found via Standing on the Side of Love...

Fox News Blockhead, Sean Hannity, is urging his followers and viewers to continue the kinds of mobs that have been seen at Town Hall's across the nation in regards to the proposed National Health Care. Luckily for us, Hannity's website notes all the Town Hall times and dates and i would hope that those of us who would have a rational discussion can match or exceed in attendance those who would go just to mob the discussion.

The schedules and locations from Hannity's website.
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i NEVER want to move *EVER* again.

i'm tired, sore, and cranky. i've been eating either pizza or some other kind of take out pretty much since last Friday night. It will be good, this week, to get our kitchen back into a semblance of working order such that *real* food can be cooked.

a super huge thank you to all of our friends who came and helped out. There were so many of you who came last weekend and helped us through the big crunch and those who continued to help throughout the week and this weekend. My deepest, heartfelt thanks to all of you who worked so hard to get The Choirloft moved and settled in. Thank you, so very much, to you all.

Today we spent the day cleaning up the last bits of what was left in the house. tomorrow, coyote3502 and deedeebythebay will have the walkthrough with the landlady. What remains to be done there is a small bit of spot cleaning before the walkthrough and then we will need to clear the backyard and the garage. OH....and we'll need to go through the garden as well.

SPeaking of which... the deer that live around the former incarnation of thechoirloft have figured out that there are no people at home right now. They went through and decimated the strawberry and wax bean patch. Those strawberries have been being worked on for nearly the whole 5 years of our existence there and it was only this summer that the patch was really going like gangbusters and putting out a lot of fruit. Sadly, the deer made short work of it, the potato patch, the herb patch, and a good bit of the beans and even some of the tomatoes. *sigh* i will say that i stood in stunned, slack-jawed silence in front of the strawberry patch (deedeebythebay cried and coyote3502 clucked his tongue in sadness) for quite a bit of time - it was shocking what they did to the patch. OH... and they even went in and gnoshed on the geraniums (pelargoniums, actually.... but most people can figure out geranium easier LOL)

anyhow... this week will be a lot of unpacking and putting away of things. hopefully, my room will become usable sometime soon - i'm going a bit crazy at the lack of a bedroom right now (my room got flooded not with sewage but from the overflow that comes out of the tub upstairs. someone forgot to put a gasket into it and it was overflowing into the walls.... which explains why my electrical outlets kept popping the GFI that they're installed on...) This week we'll also be getting a furniture delivery for a new set of living room items and a big plushy recliner for me. this will be an added expense to the monthly budget BUT... most of these items were sorely needed.

still anyways... i'm looking forward to W&S here this friday. the new house is pretty spiffy (sitting down on the basement deck in the darkness of night makes me feel as if this place were a cabin in the woods...) and with that, i shall enjoy sleeping in it's spiffiness. :)
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tonight's dinner:
- baby spinach and spring greens salad with white and yellow nectarines, cubed beets, slivered almonds, parmesan cheese, and a light italian dressing
- caprese salad (heirloom tomatoes of yellow, red, and orange varieties, blood orange olive oil, balsamic vinegar, slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil direct from our garden)
- mushroom and herb couscous
- curried chicken cutlets (courtesy of coyote3502)

paired with a nice Gewurztraminer :)

and for dessert:
- lemon sorbet
- ginger and lemon cookies

all on the back patio, listening to good tunes, and enjoying the cooling off of a summer evening.

life does it's best to remind us that... life is good :)
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